Easy Control

Just move your mouse over the content block you want to edit and a handy toolbar will show up with the key editing features: easily edit contents, settings, move content blocks higher or lower and add new contents into the selected content block.


HTML coding or NO HTML coding - you choose

Each block can be opened in our highest class visual HTML editor ("What You See Is What You Get"), no HTML knowledge is required to edit any part of your website. For power users not only is the HTML editor available: you can add custom parts of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Still not enough? For power users, a "Include PHP Code" option is available!



Hundreds of customization possibilities for each theme

Each template available in Webbie's Sitebuilder has hundreds or even thousands of possibilities - you can customize them with: 6 base theme layouts, 6 base menu layouts, 60 color schemes and over 150 custom fonts!


Over 150 Professional Fonts

Professionally designed fonts by Google, over 150 hand picked fonts to make your website look more professional. Two separate fonts can be selected, for website content and for headers & menus.


Predefined Content Blocks
& the best Apps

Make your website look more professional with predefined content blocks for paragraphs, headers, feature boxes and more. Add custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript code, downloadable files, images and videos.
Choose from built-in Apps to give more power to your website: Blog, Contact Form, Location Map, Photo Galleries, Slideshows, Form Builder, Restaurant Menu, Shopping Cart, Newsletter, Events Calendar, Community Forum and more!

Webbie Sitebuilder

Webbie is fully integrated with our billing systems. You can access your website via our dashboard, that means no "forgotten password" support-tickets for your website. Your website can be installed, managed and even removed directly in our dashboard. All of it is available with a single login that ties everything together. If you forgot your password for your website you can also use a "Pin" that will be emailed to your own email address to login.

Easy to use and intuitive

"Keep It Simple Silly" - over 20 years experience in website building, thousands of support tickets helped us create an intuitive and easy to use interface, that means literally anyone can build a nice looking, responsive website easily! No experience required, no HTML coding knowledge, forget thousands of confusing settings, website building with Webbie is fun.

Full control over your websites

Websites are built so that you can edit them from any web browser anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Any changes you make are instantly published to the web when you click the check mark to save your work. No uploading or downloading or techie stuff. Just plain good old fashioned fun. 

Organized Drag & Drop

Unlike many other "sitebuilder" products, where you can drag and drop any elements anywhere losing control over your website look and structure, Webbie offers organized Drag and Drop, so you can be sure your website will always look clean and will display well not only in your desktop browser, but also on your website visitors' mobile devices.

Promote Your Brand, not ours.

Webbie won't show our logo anywhere on your page - the website is all about you. Nobody will know you used the easiest web builder around to create your perfect website. You'll also notice your website is super fast as compared to a lot of very slow websites that use products like Wordpress.


Try Webbie out for free. If you like how easy it was to change the content or the theme you'll know how easy it will be once you sign up with a Webbie account, it has fantastic features.  Sign up for the Basic, PRO or Ecommerce subscription to unlock features, more themes and support.

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