Support Scope

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting includes server-side support; PHP, Apache*, server functionality, network connectivity & performance management. We make a best effort to support 3rd party scripts & assist with website level troubleshooting. Migrations are included with the initial purchase & are free for up to 25 websites (addon domains). Backups: While has invested in a daily, weekly & monthly backup & Disaster Recovery plan, we strongly encourage you to retain your own local copies of backups (on your own hard drive at home) in the event ours are unable to be restored. We take every feasible method for redundant backups however, it's possible these can become corrupt.

Backup Services

Currently, shared hosting includes daily backups on a 7-day rolling period. While we retain backups as a courtesy, we cannot guarantee that our backups will be available or usable at all times.

Website & Account Migrations

Included with each customer migration is an initial courtesy of up to 25 domains under the same billing account upon signing up for your account (note: this migration is completed during signup and consists of a single migration). For additional domains, a fee of $6.00 per cPanel to cPanel domain. This is a non-refundable fee once any data is moved. Non-cPanel transfers will incur a one-time fee of $19.99 per site. On average, the turn around time for a migration is within 24-48 hours. This time can vary dependent on the amount of data required to move & the current number of migrations in our queue. Once assigned to a technician, said technician will estimate the time required. **If the hosting provider you are migrating from uses cPanel but has the cPanel backup utility disabled, the migration will be required to be completed manually. This will incur the same $19.99 fee as a non-cPanel migration.

The included migration is an initial migration with the purchase of a hosting plan. Requested migrations after the initial migration will be subject to the normal fee shedule.

Hourly Tech Labor

Hourly tech time will be billed at $25 per 30 minutes with a minimum of 30 minutes required. Hourly tech time includes various tasks that can be performed that do not fall under our migrations or management scopes. This service is to be used at your own risk. Hourly tech time is not eligible for service refunds & the service to be performed is solely at the active technician's discretion.

Website, Hosting Account Security, scripts & customer responsibility maintains & secures at the server level. Cleaning of compromised sites, scripts & applications is not within the scope of support outlined above. Our tech support will evaluate the current state of your site should a problem arise & at discretion inform you of any changes required. It is your responsibility to properly secure & maintain the websites you choose to host on your web hosting plan, including shared hosting, reseller hosting & servers.

The scope of support for individual accounts located on any shared account, reseller account or stand-alone server (including managed VPS & dedicated servers) is limited to the server-side security & functionality. Direct clients & resold clients must maintain user-level security in regards to email accounts, email forwarders, websites/applications, FTP accounts/applications as well as any user-accessed content/accounts.

Please note, does not provide web development or coding services. In the event a problem arises our staff will make a best effort however, we are not responsible for ensuring your scripts/code/applications are properly configured and/or coded. In the event of a coding/application problem, we strongly recommend working with a developer.