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Your new website welcomes you with the "Welcome Screen", It's where you enter your basic information, like website name, email or company/contact information, and it'll automatically prepare "contact us" and privacy policy subpages for you.
Then move around, and all editable parts of your website, like text or photos, will highlight. Just point and click on your mouse to start writing

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Easy & intuitive from step one.

Website Setup

Installation is automated. When your Webbie website is installed, you'll be asked for a few details, like email address, website name and company details - your new website will use this data to create base subpages that just fit your needs out of the box: a contact page, privacy policy and more!

Point & Click

Most of your website elements are editable. Move your mouse over the area you want to change and click to start editing: text, image. videos or an app like Gallery or Shop

Drag & Drop

Website contents are organized into "content blocks." You can add pre-made content blocks to your pages, edit them easily and re-arrange them by dragging and dropping them to new places on your pages.

Fastest loading times against anyone out there

Webbie-based websites are incredibly fast, and in today's world, where attention spans are only 4-5 seconds, speed is everything. If you have a slow-loading WordPress website, switch to our site builder to capture all those impatient visitors before they're gone.

Professional-look, responsive websites

Webbie builds websites with the Bootstrap Framework, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing fast, responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.

Organized Drag & Drop

Most of the website contents can be easily arranged with drag & drop, but not in a wild way where everything breaks when your viewing device is changed: it's organized with predefined areas and modules to offer a professional-looking final effect on any screen, large or small.

Yes, we even used Webbie to build this website 
We think this is important because we know many others that don't use what they sell. We're proud of our service, support and wonderful website creation tools.

Easy to Use

As simple as needed to keep it intuitive

We provide help videos in case you are a visual learner like us. Monkey see  - monkey does. If someone shows me in a few minutes, what would have taken me hours to understand, everyone wins. You have control over most of your website's features right in the palm of your hand. Move your mouse over the page element you want to change and change it. It's that simple!


Thousands of possible customizations

Webbie is not only easy & super-customizable, but it's also powerful for power users, and it can easily add custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS code content blocks. A unique feature is the "Include PHP" option, where PHP code can be added to any page content, so websites can be easily connected to existing databases or forms.

Simply Works

So you don't have to worry

You don't have to worry about databases: our websites don't use them. You don't have to worry about user support: it's included in each user's website. There's also no way to lose your password. Users can access their website admin area directly from our billing system without remembering passwords.

Easy, Intuitive and... Powerful

Probably the most powerful and easy to use website builder, see our full list of features:

Did you know more users are looking for "websites" than for "web hosting"? 

You don't need a web hosting account with dozens of confusing techie features you don't understand: you just need a great website that works!  We provide that every day. You will love it.

Speed is everything!

Your website has to be very fast - the general public's attention span is less than 10-20 seconds per page delivery. Our website pages are delivered in 1-5 seconds. Most bloatware sites using tools like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and others are very slow and slow down even more as you add content. They all use mySQL databases and millions of lines of code per site. Webbie doesn't do that. Our site builder uses the latest Bootstrap coding, and our site builder tools are on our server - not your website's server. Your website only has what was generated - not what it needs to generate the content. The result is speed.

Attract new clients

You need your website to look good, and you need it to automatically get added to Google's search engine. You need visitors to read and experience your professional presentation. You must start by selecting one of our professionally designed templates and changing the words and pictures to convey your message.

Your Clients and visitors will love it! 

 Your website will be intuitive, easy to use and powerful.
 Webbie helps you build beautiful websites!

Webbie is Available to try for FREE

There's no risk for you. Try it without having to install anything. 

Webbie Sitebuilder: It's Easy, Intuitive, Powerful and Fast

Live On-Site Editor with Drag & Drop

Website Building in less than 2 minutes:


Live Editor, Drag & Drop.

Live, on-site editor: see changes as you type. Drag & Drop provides a better user experience; subpages are arranged easily in a menu tree, photos in a gallery, items in a form builder, answers in a voting poll and content area elements: text blocks and modules!

There's no "Publish Button": all changes you save are available in public immediately, and there's no confusing draft copy of your pages or annoying reminders to publish it.
It's easy and powerful.
There's no easier content management system than Webbie, which could offer as much. Subpage contents are separated from your chosen template, so you can change your template at any time and keep your data. One change on your template will appear on all subpages immediately.
Everything you need is already built-in
Each website has built-in modules like a Blog, Photo Gallery, Voting Poll, Contact Form or more advanced Forms Builder, Shopping Cart, Newsletter, and more to fit your needs when you begin your website-building adventure.
If you can imagine it ... You can create it ...
We provide all the essential pieces as easy-to-add pre-made blocks that you simply drag onto the page and then rearrange your blocks on the page by pushing them up or down until it is exactly how and where you wanted them to be. Replace the words with your own and you're done.

Ready for a Revolution?

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